LUVID Green Multigrain Drink

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LUVID Green Multigrain is a healthy beverage that contains a variety of high quality grains with green ingredients. Grains supply energy and provide protein, in combination with the antioxidants, amino acids and chlorophyll from wheatgrass, green tea and moringa, which can fight against free radical oxidation. LUVID Green Multigrain is suitable for all ages group, especially those with busy lifestyle. Regularly consuming LUVID is a quick and easy way to replenish your energy and nutrients level for improved health. Packing: 1 tin = 800 g (for 32 servings)

Healthier choice : 

LUVID green multigrain drink

  • LUVID, an awesome diet to balance body’s pH for healthy homeostasis.
  • Over 30 types of natural ingredients (cereals, seeds, nuts, flowers and fruits) used in the product.
  • Wheatgrass, green tea, moringa, as super alkaline food with 90+ verifiable nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids and high content of chlorophyll.
  • Soy lecithin for healthy cells’ need which lead to a nourishing body.
  • FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), a prebiotic fiber that may have helpful intestinal benefits.


The Miracle Tree of Life from Himalaya , MORINGA

Moringa or Moringa Oleifera is native to the foothills of the Himalayas. The history of the moringa tree begins in the continent around 2000 B.C. It is commonly known as the miracle tree of life. This ‘wonder tree’ truly is wondrous in that each part of the tree is useful. The roots, stems, leaves, seed pods, resin and flowers are considered to be healing herbs in Ayurvedic (traditional Indian healing system) and Unani (traditional Middle Eastern healing system) folk medicine.

In modern times, the leaves and seed pods are utilized extensively due to their nutrient content. Moringa is native to the sub Himalayan mountain region particularly in India and has been introduced to southwest Asia, southwest and northeast Africa, Madagascar, the Philippines, and in the United States in California, Arizona, Hawaii and Florida. The leaves are highly nutritious. Once harvested and dried, they contain 30% protein, all essential amino acids, and have abundant levels of vitamins and minerals. The fresh leaves are used as ingredient for LUVID.

How it works?

The trees have a natural defence mechanism against environmental stress and pests. These are unique chemical compounds, known as phytochemicals, which include antioxidants and defence compounds. When consumed these compounds they also protect people against various conditions and diseases.

Many phytochemicals, especially plant defence compounds used to ward off insects, are stored as inactive compounds. When the leaves are crushed, or chewed by an insect, an enzymatic reaction occurs, releasing the activated compound. While these can act as a deterrent to bug, tasting bitter or spicy, these compounds act as a potent anti-inflammatory agents in our body.

The way it works is that when we’re sick, or have an underlying health condition like cancer, diabetes, or obesity, our bodies overreact and cause chronic inflammation. This constant inflammation throws the body off balance as it’s always in fight mode. While acute inflammation can help the body heal, like when you cut your finger, chronic inflammation can be detrimental to health because the immune system is over working. Inflammation can also cause improper processing of sugars and toxins that we are exposed to. The phytochemicals from moringa can help reduce this inflammation. The bioactive compounds in moringa are called isothiocyanates (ITCs).



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